Frequently asked questions about TYPO3 upgrades

We start the upgrade process as soon as all points have been clarified. The upgrade takes about three weeks for a "normal" TYPO3 installation (i.e. without self-programmed extensions that are not in the TER.

In addition, a week before and after should be scheduled for communication and the correction phase. If all content has been delivered in a clearly structured manner, a project can ideally be finished within two weeks.

Together with our quotation, you will receive an indicative deadline. If problems arise during the upgrade, we will notify you immediately and make specific suggestions for a solution.

Basically all of them. We have updated TYPO3 3.6 versions from 2004 to a current version. The TYPO3 version is almost never the problem, but the extensions being used and required by your project. If an extension is no longer maintained and therefore no longer exists for a current TYPO3 version, it must be replaced by a similar one and that's the actual effort that can only be estimated on a case-by-case basis.

The upgrade is gradual. We never upgrade from e.g. Version 6.2 to version 9.5 directly, but via the detour of version 7.6 and 8.7.

A development server with the required PHP versions is available for this.

The fastest way is to give us admin access to your backend. We do not change anything there, but if necessary and after consultation with you, we will install a diagnostic tool that provides more information about the components of your TYPO3 installation. If you use extensions that have not been published in the TER (i.e. in-house developments), we also require FTP or SSH access if these extensions are also to be used under the new TYPO3 version.

If this is not possible, you are also welcome to provide us with a backup of the live system (database and files), we will then install this copy on one of our own servers.

You can send large files (over 10 MB) free of charge and up to 2 GB in size with WeTransfer. We will be happy to provide you with the email address to be used on request.

Please do not send confidential data (passwords, access data, etc.) by email for security reasons. Use either Reveal It or Share A Secret.

You will receive two invoices from us – one for a down payment before the work begins (50%) and a second one after the tests have been completed and accepted by you (50%). The invoice complies with European standards and can easily be used in your accounting.

Please note that Thai banks do not have an IBAN, when transferring money abroad please use the SWIFT code you will find on our invoice.

We generally only upgrade to a copy of the live system. If it is not possible for you to make a copy, we need a complete backup (database and files) of your installation. We then install it on one of our servers and do the upgrade there.

The following points are important in both cases:

  • The live system is the reference and should not be changed during the upgrade. However, special agreements are possible in individual cases.
  • Please tell us the PHP version under which the live system is running.

If the upgrade was carried out on our server, you may of course also test there. After acceptance, we will provide you with the complete data (database and files) for download. Alternatively, we can also carry out the installation on your server. However, SSH access is a prerequisite for this. The necessary utilities (scp, mysql and mysqldump) must be installed and accessible there.

If the upgrade was carried out on your own server, you will test there and carry out the going live yourself. Please understand that we cannot act administratively on customer servers and cannot switch the development domain to the live domain.

We are always here to help in all cases, but our work is essentially limited to transferring the upgrade to a hosting account that you have given us before. You or your host must take care of any necessary backups or the possibility of rollback in case of an emergency.

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