Frequently asked questions

We guarantee full customer protection. Your customer will not know who your supplier is and we will never contact your customer. There are no copyright notices on our part in the supplied code. We always sign NDA's if you wish.

If your question is not answered here or not comprehensively, please send us a message.

Frequently asked questions

In principle, yes. But you have to pay attention to the time difference. Our office is usually opened Monday through Friday from 10:00 to 19:00 (Thai local time). In addition, you can reach us anytime by email, which will be processed the next morning when it arrives at night, or you can simply use our contact form. We use Skype or Slack for communication, a modern and cost effective way to communicate with you orally or in writing.

We also have online project management. For larger projects, we provide you with access data and so you can always submit information about your projects.

Of course. We offer our customers and partners comprehensive customer protection during and after the term of the contract. Mutual trust is the foundation here and we take that very, very seriously. If only once we were unfair, someone would never trust us again. The internet is a global village.

Yes of course. Depending on the volume of your orders, you will even receive special prices or other conditions. Just ask us and give us the key data. We're here to help.

Basically everything that somehow has to do with the internet. TYPO3 may be our core competency, but we can do all jobs for you which have something to do with HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS or web applications. We are also experienced in server optimization in terms of speed. We are constantly recruiting specialists who carry out specific tasks that you have defined. Ask us.

The first contact can be made by e-mail or via our contact form. If it is a larger project, we will provide you with access to our project manager where you can upload files, write messages, and view the status of your projects. This is done chronologically and comprehensibly and is therefore far more efficient than writing emails. Everyone in the team involved in the project sees your instructions immediately and you have the direct line to the programmer.

If you already have your own project manager and would rather work with it, that's no problem. You just have to unlock us for the respective projects and we work as you are used to.

Yes, they have to. There should be a requirement specification that we can work on and that is binding for the respective project. If no requirement specification exists, we need at least clear and unambiguous instructions on how to deal with problems and inconsistencies. You should think of outsourcing as if you were assigning the job to one of your employees. He will have to come back to you at any uncertainty to clarify the open questions. That's not very efficient.

Of course, we also like to take on orders where we solve the ambiguities and give you detailed advice on what is feasible or useful. But then these are not outsourcing jobs and they have to be calculated and handled differently.

Yes, certainly. We are a registered legal entity in Thailand. We can provide you with official, certified company papers that are translated into German or English if your tax office insists. We pay taxes and social security contributions for our employees. We even stop at red lights, which is not unconditional in Bangkok...

No. You will receive your invoice in Euros, US Dollars or Swiss Francs, as you wish, and of course you will pay accordingly. You do not have to worry about currency conversion and there are no additional fees. You only pay the invoice amount, without additional costs and taxes.

We offer you unbeatable low prices, but this is only possible if we can be sure that we will be paid for our work. Reminders and foreclosures abroad are expensive and very time consuming from Thailand and would ultimately only lead to higher prices. However, large companies and authorities can be supplied by agreement to other conditions.

We have native speakers for English, German and Thai. Although we prefer English because it optimizes the workflow, we can communicate with you in German or, in exceptional cases, in Thai.

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